How I became a cosmetic tattoo artist
I'm a professional artist. I graduated from KubSU Faculty of Art and Graphics in 2009, and earlier, in 2004, I'd received degree from Aktau Art School. Studying art took me 8 years.
As a student, I worked as a waitress, and temple painting became my first work related to painting
Temple painting in Nevinnomyssk
Soon I moved to Krasnodar and worked as a designer at Mr Doors . Of course, I wanted to leave my job and start my own business.
Then came a maternal leave and a painful search for what should I do after. It seemed that all the market segments were occupied and it was difficult to find my place in the sun. On the advice of my husband's friend, I tried my hand at tattooing.
After finishing study in St. Petersburg, I rented my own office. And this is the first video I made and uploaded to my channel. Attention: I violate all the rules of asepsis and antisepsis in the video, but this is the story of another site.
In 2019, I launched the production of tattoo pigments in Krasnodar
My path to cosmetic tattooing
Studying in St. Petersburg
Opening of branches in Rostov-on-Don and Moscow
9 affiliated branches were opened throughout Russia under an affiliate program and the company became the only federal network of permanent makeup studios
A network of permanent makeup schools was opened. Permanent makeup artists from all over the world, mainly from the USA, Canada and Australia, go there.
I understood there was a large market in the West,started preparing for the opening of branches in the USA
Half of the network partners left, having appropriated the idea and technologies, there were only 4 loyal branches left in the network
Own branch opened in Moscow
NE PIGMENTS production launched
I'm a mother of two children, the wife of one husband, a traveler and a cyclist, I avoid being obsessed with work, and strive for a balance in my life
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Not much about work, but about the other side ✌
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